Geiko Earrings - Rainbow
Geiko Earrings - Rainbow
Geiko Earrings - Rainbow

Geiko Earrings - Rainbow


These handwoven earrings are sure to impress!

These lovely earrings are created with a paper cord called 水引 Mizuhiki, an ancient Japanese art form.

Mizuhiki is created from the twines of 和紙 Washi Japanese paper that is tightly wound, starched to give it stiffness, and then colored by thin strands of thread.

Accessories with meaning

Its cultural significance lies in its beautiful hand weaving and tying in knots, and as a symbol of affection, warmth and togetherness, just as the word 結ぶ Musubu (meaning connection or tying) would imply.

Tomi Art is bringing this traditional art form into contemporary wearable art wishing your every day filled with peace and warmth.



・JapaneseMizuhiki (washi twine)

・14K Gold Vermeil Ear Wire and Sterling Silver 925


Measurements (**Approximate) 

6.8 x 2.4cm (2.7 x 0.9 inch)


2g a pair (1g per earring)


All earrings are handwoven and will differ slightly