Traditional into contemporary wearable art

Hand woven accessories and hand dyed Shibori Ai-zome scarves

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The Mizuhiki Paper Cord Art is a Japanese traditional art made from strips of Washi (Japanese paper). A Mizuhiki is made from creatively twisting and tying washi into strings and knots. The tying symbolizes the union of the hearts of the giver and the receiver.

AI-ZOME indigo dye

The "Mystical Japan Blue"

Japanese Ai-zome "indigo dyeing" is characterized by a deep blue color that is also called "Japan blue" because of its beautiful hue. It has been treasured by Japanese people since ancient times and dye technique has been such as "Shibori" has developed.


Derived from the words ki (wear) and mono (thing), the kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. Kimonos come in a range of styles and patterns. In addition to their unique aesthetic, kimonos are valued for their symbolism, style, motif, color, and material work together to reveal the individual identity of the wearer.

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I love the earrings design and quality! They are very comfortable and super light. I found it is easy to style with both elegant and causal outfit. It catches eye!!! What I like the most is knowing that they are made by hand. I highly recommend her earrings.


I’ve recently bought two face masks and they are amazing and very well made! 
I have also bought a beautiful pair of earrings for my girlfriend. Satomi was very available to choose the precise colour I wanted for her. The style and the accuracy in the manufacturing process is perfect as described. Also the metal she uses is antiallergic. I like elegance of her products and it always go beyond my expectations. 


Thank you Satomi for my beautifully handcrafted Japanese style earrings. I am in love with my Tomi Art earrings so much that I have 3 pairs in white, gold/black and pink. The earrings are unique and I always receive compliments on how gorgeous they are. These are my favorite earrings and I wear them all the time.


Satomi’s earrings are vibrant and gives you a beautiful touch of color with delicacy. My absolutely favs are her summer bright colours and the amazing sterling silver earrings she has ♥