Gradation Indigo Scarf
Gradation Indigo Scarf
Gradation Indigo Scarf
Gradation Indigo Scarf

Gradation Indigo Scarf



** Perfect for gift **

<< Hand dyed indigo scarf >>

These 100% silk scarves are hand dyed using time-tested techniques and Japanese Indigo dye.
Each scarf is hand dyed and one-of-a-kind, with a beautiful range of patterns and delicate ombre effects ranging in colour from a deep vibrant indigo to a beautifully subtle ice blue.

<< Color of indigo and Japan >>

The color of Indigo has special values and use in Japanese culture. It was widely used in Japan historically.

Samurai wore indigo dyed clothes and the Hokusai’s iconic ‘The Great Wave’ was created with traditional indigo as well!
It is not only for beauty, indigo dyed fabrics also has three absolute benefits.

The fiber becomes stronger after indigo dying; it has an insect repelling effect; it has a UV protective effect.
The power of nature!

<< Each scarf has a story .. >>

All individually dyed so every piece has its own uniqueness and deepness of the color.

If you would like to see and make sure before you purchase, please feel free to send message to ask a image photos of the ones in stock.

We are happy to provide much information to support you to choose the best one you love!

<< Dimention >>

1. 55 x 200 cm (22 x 79 inch)

2. 110 x 200 cm (43 x 79 inch)

<< Care >>

・Please wash separately

・Hand wash in lukewarm water and a mild detergent